The Joys of Working From Home.

My wife started working from home today and we’re all holding our breath to see how it goes. Did I say experiment? Unfortunately, this is no experiment, its no trial run, no “send it back if it doesn’t fit right…” It HAS to work for her and for the whole household. We’re going to be jammed in together for a while, closer than we’ve ever been and it has to work.

I’ve been working from home for over 16 years, I’m going to deeply miss the cafe and public library culture that has been a mainstay of my working experience for all that time. It’s going to be a big learning curve for us all. That curve will be unique for each and every one of us, the curve is dictated by the job you need to do, the location (house) you will be working in, and the people that you will be sharing that space with. But 3 things we all have in common: Efficiency, Effectiveness, Motivation, and Productivity. Productivity is arguably a function of all 3.

In moving from working in an office to homeworking you will have the opportunity to be much more productive. One of the first things you will notice is the decrease or increase in the interruptions you will experience in a day. School holidays have put me through this cycle many times, and its always difficult to adjust.

IF you are experiencing a higher level of interruptions (eg. from children being off school) maybe topics I have discussed in previous blogs about home working will help you. It’s why I wrote it after all…

In summary:

Time Box your days:

Open your calendar and map out your regular ‘slots.’ for example

  • “Every Wednesday between 9 – 11 am I will deal with invoices”
  • “4-5 every day I’ll do Social media”
  • Lunchtimes…
  • “2 pm every Wednesday and Friday walk the dog “