Types of Excel Specialists that can help your business

When introducing new Excel solutions to your business, you may feel you’d benefit from the help of a specialist, to take your Excel systems to the next level. It’s worth noting that due to the huge potential of Excel, it’s used in a wide cross-section of organisations, with numerous uses and many different practical applications.

For this reason, our team at The Excel Experts offers a range of specialists, each suited to different aspects of Excel, and different industries. Take a look at some of our main areas of expertise, to discover how our team can best help you and your business.

Excel consultancy

For Excel assistance, an Excel consultant can be invaluable to your business. Equally well suited to large corporations or small self-employed businesspeople, your consultant will be available to help streamline your workflow using Excel. Available for either remote or face-to-face assistance, they can show you in easy-to-understand steps how to employ Excel to automate time-consuming tasks, cut down manual data entry, and ultimately save you both time and money.

Ecommerce consultancy

One of the most common areas of Excel is the ecommerce sector, and as such we’re able to offer Excel experts who specialise in the online retail environment. From creating shared reports that can benefit an entire team, to analysing data at management level to assist in business strategy, a sales-focused Excel advisor can help you achieve your long-term goals. Excel in the ecommerce world can also be invaluable for freeing up valuable employee time, by automating laborious manual processes, allowing your employees to focus on more practical activities.

Accounts consultancy

To help ensure your accounting is maintained effectively, our team include specialists with both backgrounds and qualifications in accounting. An efficient accounting system can help businesses to effectively grow, not just by assisting with budget templates and asset reporting, but by also helping to reduce tax liabilities. Our financial specialists can also assist with staying on top of your compliance obligations and responsibilities – something which may prove difficult for busy workplaces or small businesses.

Scientific consultancy

Microsoft Excel is not just used for business, it’s also a powerful tool in the science and research sector. Whether planning work, recording and analysing results, or managing finances, Excel is just as invaluable in the research world as in the commercial one. We pride ourselves on recognising the different approach required in these fields, and as such are able to offer Excel specialists with scientific background who understand the needs and requirements of your organisation. Whether you’re looking to develop a new Excel system or optimise an existing one, our scientific Excel consultants can help you achieve the level of accuracy and analysis you require.

Excel Experts

Whatever your Excel requirements, we have a specialist to suit your individual needs. What’s more, we’re able to train and advise your employees so they’ll be competent in maintaining Excels systems once they’re set up. By equipping your colleagues with a full working knowledge of Macros, Data Manipulation, Pivot Tables, VLOOKUPs and more, you’ll find your organisation becomes more efficient and resourceful. Additionally, we also offer installation, training and support across the entire Microsoft Office suite, providing you with the full benefit of Word and PowerPoint too.

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