Excel Consultancy in Bath

We currently enjoy sharing the beautiful offices of The Old Church School in the thriving and upwardly mobile town of Frome, just outside Bath.

We don’t waste your money on fancy offices and high overheads. TOCS offers us excellent meeting rooms when we need them and only when you need to. This means that we can offer the best deal to you, our customers, with our low overhead model.

Meet in the cafe

An informal business café for your meeting, or the more formal or selective environment of a meeting room with large screen, internet etc.

Save time, save money and get excellent return on investment with experienced Excel spreadsheet specialists covering Bath and the surrounding areas. Whether you run a business or you’re in the public sector, optimising your Excel spreadsheets is a great way to make yourself more efficient and save on running costs.

Our Excel consultancy will help you get the most out of your spreadsheets, whether it be a simple workbook optimisation or in depth reporting, there are always ways of improving the day to day running of your business with Excel. We start by looking at your current set-up, what could be improved and what already works well and could be expanded on. Excel is a powerful software, yet many don’t know how they can make it work well by customising it to their needs. Every business is different and luckily Excel gives our specialists the flexibility to tailor it to the needs of any requirement.

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Excel Specialists on hand in Bath and the surrounding areas

If you’re local to us in Bath or nearby in Bristol, then we can carry out the consultancy at your place of work to look at what we can do to make your life easier.

Our aim will be to streamline your workflow whether it be your accounts, stock control or staffing. We have a range of methods we can put into practice to improve your spreadsheets including macros, reporting and data sharing.

Making life easier with Macros

Our Excel experts in Bath can implement Macros that will save you time. Never again will you have to deal with repetition when typing in data. Instead of repeating tasks that are done on a daily basis, automated tasks can be performed without the need manual action or repetition.

Specialists can work with VBA (visual basic) to create functions which are bespoke to your business, from auto filling in a field through to analysing data and creating reports. Time spent thinking of formulas or manually calculating numbers can then be freed up for more productive tasks.

Implementing Third Party APIs

If you run an e-commerce business, take payments online or access online applications then data can easily be shared with your spreadsheet. Whether it’s one of the Google APIs, Ebay or Amazon there are a number of different toolboxes we can use to link to your spreadsheet. For many time saving methods you don’t need to reinvent the wheel, it’s already been tried and tested, and is waiting to be integrated into the cells of your spreadsheet.

For more information about how our VBA macro developers or Excel consultants can help you in Bath, contact us on 0800 772 3782