Excel Consultants in Bristol

Our Bristol office is a virtual space at the exciting Engine Shed in Bristol.

As mentioned elsewhere on this site, we don’t spend your money on expensive offices, we mostly work from home, communicate electronically and we have a great environment at our disposal if we want to use it.

Would you like to meet us at the Engine Shed café? Or use one of their high tech meeting rooms for a free face to face consultation with one or more of our consultants?

Excel is a very powerful and useful tool which is widely used across the UK and with good reason. It’s efficient, it’s well supported and can do much more than calculations. At ‘The Excel Experts’ Consultancy we pride ourselves in saving you time and money within just 1-2 months of investing in our Excel consultancy service in Bristol by making it work well for you.

We can adapt Excel to suit your needs, whether it be through complex customisation to deliver a high level of efficiency or by providing simple improvements to an existing workbook. Many businesses chose Excel because they know it’s powerful and the industry standard for spreadsheets but many do not realise it’s potential. We believe in showcasing it’s potential and helping businesses across Bristol to get the most from their spreadsheets.

spreadsheet management

Your Excel Specialist for Bristol

Our highly trained Excel specialists help those in Bristol with a variety of different consultancy services. If you want to run your spreadsheets more efficiently then we can put forward suggestions on improving productivity which in the long term will save you time and money.

A streamlined workflow with VBA Macro Developers

Excel can provide a streamlined workflow whether it be through automated tasks, macros to cut down on mundane repetition or better sharing of data. We have a wealth of experience in making life easier for you, your staff and your business.

Our Excel consultants can provide automated reports from spreadsheets which can help with monitoring, stock control, accounting and analysis.

Third Party API Integration

We can also integrate with third party APIs. If you want to link your spreadsheet to your website for example, or have an online account which you’d like to feed through data.

Whether it be Amazon, Google or Ebay, we can make your spreadsheets automatically populate with this data, or even send data to these services. This will save a lot of time with manual logins, site updates and duplication of data.

Excel Training in Bristol

Not only do we provide expert consultancy services but we also offer full MS Office training to staff across the UK. Our Excel training programmes are very flexible and range from 1-2-1 training through to remote training, all include full documentation for future reference.

Experts with Spreadsheets

At ‘The Excel Experts’ , we very rarely say no when someone asks if Excel can do something. When we do a review many of our customers across Bristol are shocked by just how much Excel can do for their business. To get a new obligation quotation, feel free to discuss your requirements by calling 0117 325 5035 or 0800 772 3782.