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Bespoke Excel Solutions – Our Excel Specialists in Trowbridge have you covered

Excel Specialist in Trowbridge

If you run a business or organisation in the Trowbridge area and you’re looking to optimise your workflow via Excel, then you’ve come to the right place. Excel Experts Consultancy provide Excel consultancy to ensure maximum efficiency when running your organisation. We will review your workflow and then put forward suggestions on how we can improve it.

Businesses hiring an Excel expert will often get a return on investment within just 2 months after a full consultation. We have Excel specialists in every area, from simple spreadsheet optimisation through to the implementation of applications via VBA, whatever you need Excel to do, we will endeavour to make it a reality.

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Hire an Excel specialist in Trowbridge

The Excel Experts can create bespoke solutions for those looking to hire an Excel Specialist in Trowbridge. We can create Excel applications that work well for your business niche. Upon a full review of your existing spreadsheets and data, we will look at how we can increase efficiency by minimising your workflow or expanding the capabilities of your existing spreadsheet. Automated reports can provide great analysis into how your business is being run and the areas of improvement.

Work faster with Excel Macros

Take away repetition from your daily workflow, instead of typing the same figures in everyday, instead of queuing up the same charts, there is another way. Macros can provide multiple reports at the touch of a single button, compiling large amounts of data and displaying them in a format that suits you. Cells can be automatically filled with data thanks to our VBA Developers. These Excel developers can even create bespoke applications that are linked to your existing spreadsheet.

Excel Modelling

Whilst Excel Modelling might be complex, it can make complex mathematical formulas a lot more manageable.

Leave the complicated stuff to our Excel specialists who can integrate VBA libraries to make your business run as it should do. Using Excel pivot tables, data models, formulas and functions we can create a macro to help you analyse data quickly.

Connect with data sources

If you have a lot of data then this is best kept securely in a database, but that doesn’t mean you can’t link your spreadsheet up with it. Wherever your data is sourced from there is usually a solution that our Excel consultants can put into place to load the data.

Not only can we connect to your own data sources but we can also connect to existing APIs. Google, Amazon and Ebay all have their own unique toolboxes, pulling data into your spreadsheets, as well as pushing data to these applications is all possible.

For more information on how our Excel consultants can help you in Trowbridge, Bath, Bristol or the surrounding areas, call us on 0800 7723782