Need To Hire a VBA Consultant?

A Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) consultant helps businesses streamline their data processing methods by using macros to automate custom tasks, such as data processing, generating forms, creating graphs and in-depth reports.

The Excel Experts have years of knowledge as Excel consultants, helping businesses create solutions through VBA macros, automation and VBA skills so you don’t end up with error-strewn excel spreadsheets.

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Why Hire a VBA Consultant?

Excel VBA is an event-driven programming language that allows users to access functions besides what is available in Microsoft Excel. This opens up many opportunities for VBA developers to automate your data, but what does this mean for your business?

 Employing automation to your existing systems saves time and reduces costs.
 We can prevent errors using automated data diagnostic checks or take out human input when running tasks.
 We can build beautiful dashboards and forms that are user-friendly and easily customised.
 The Excel Experts can design and build reports that are intuitive, dynamic and easy to read.
 Create calculators and data modelling to make forecasts, sale projections or better business decisions.
– Solve any existing problems such as automation errors, SQL server issues or debugging.
– API integration that connects existing data processes using bespoke Excel tools and software.
 We can create custom formulas and functions to automate data faster.


If any of these tasks seem familiar to you, the Excel Experts have a great understanding of using VBA macros in your VBA development project, whether using complex formulas, connecting to a SQL server or to help your business maintain a database or any other VBA consultant jobs that you are struggling with.

Excel VBA Consultant Services

We offer a wide range of VBA consultancy services which include:

  1. Create custom Excel spreadsheets. We can create bespoke excel worksheets designed to support your business needs, making work easier, reducing costs and saving you valuable time.
  2. Excel Management Tools. For complex business processes, document production or using Power BI to generate stunning report visuals.
  3. Automated Excel Reports. Why not get more out of your existing data by creating advanced reports, charts and graphs to turn your data into something more digestible.
  4. VBA Programming. We can automate repetitive tasks to reduce human errors, ensuring all your Excel tools are running smoothly.
  5. Excel to Web applications. We can connect worksheets to databases through an SQL server or fine-tune any existing mobile web app.
  6. Data Analysis. We can identify trends in your data using comprehensive data analysis so you can make more informed business decisions.
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Difference Between a VBA Consultant & VBA Developer

Are a VBA consultant and a VBA developer the same? Well a VBA consultant can help with all aspects of Microsoft Excel, from choosing solutions, software, sales process, project management, implementation and even development and testing to an extent.

VBA Consultant

  • VBA consultants are professional, often there to help choose a solution that works for your business
  • Offer support by evaluating your businesses goals and aligning a project to this.
  • Process efficiency is at the forefront of a VBA consultant during planning and testing
  • Adds value through cost reduction and minimising errors to strengthen information flow
  • Uses business scenarios to combine the development stage with full implementation

VBA Developer

  • Create macros
  • User forms
  • Pivot tables
  • Spreadsheet extensions
  • Other background work such as an API
  • Creates front-end user interfaces
  • Automated scripts

A VBA developer tends to have broad expertise in Excel, with a focus on efficiency and automation of repetitive tasks.

If you are searching for a VBA consultant to help start a Microsoft Office project, consult on streamlining an existing application or any other excel VBA tasks, the Excel Experts are here to help you take that first step.

Alternatively, we also have a great team of Excel programmers who can assist you with any of the tasks mentioned above, whether that’s fixing a VBA error or user form, creating in-depth reports or pivot tables, or improving an outdated user interface – give us a call today to chat with an excel expert.

How To Plan An Excel VBA Project?

Before pursuing the advice of a VBA consultant, it may be worth considering the following so you can develop a strategy from beginning to end.

  1. The impact it may have on your business. When planning an Excel or VBA project, think about how this can affect your business, its employees and current processes or software that may be interrupted.
  2. Time. Any project is normally time-sensitive. You should realistically discuss any time constraints you may have before hiring a VBA consultant.
  3. Learning opportunities. A VBA project may offer a learning tool to you or your staff. Although many VBAs are automated through the use of macros, there could be an element of training involved.
  4. Future-proofing. Once a project is up and running, it may occur that your application requires error prevention, or documentation (such as instructions). A good VBA consultant can help you ‘future-proof’ a tool or project by outlining exactly how everything works.
  5. Your expectations. Before hiring a VBA consultant, your team should be fully aware of what you’re looking to achieve from the project or application. It’s advisable that everyone has a clear understanding before any work is begun on an Excel VBA project.
  6. These are just some criteria to consider when planning an excel VBA project so make sure you plan out all these points and more before contacting us at The Excel Experts!

What is VBA?

VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications. It is a programming language built into Microsoft Office and is commonly used in Excel. You can create macros to automate repetitive word- and data-processing functions and generate custom forms, graphs, and reports.

What Are Macro Functions?

Macros are used to automate tedious tasks such as applying styling and formatting, manipulating data and text, communicating with data sources such as a database, creating and edit new, or existing documents and adding functionality to a spreadsheet or workbook.

Creating and running a macro is a powerful method to automate many tasks and are used in applications across many industries such as financing, sales and the service industry to name a few examples.

Macros can also be used to create custom logic to save time on predictable or repetitive tasks.

Examples Of Macros a VBA Consultant Can Advise On

A VBA consultant can advise your business on a wide range of solutions, but what real-life scenarios can the Excel Experts help with? Below are some very common methods on how utilising a VBA macro can automate simple tasks:

What is VBA?

  • Adding or auto-fitting the size of multiple columns and rows
  • Manipulate headers and footers, using formulas such as date and time
  • Finding duplicates from a specific selection of data
  • Filtering and sorting values
  • Highlighting alternate rows, cells with comments, misspelt words or other errors
  • Selecting maximum or minimum values in a data set or range
  • Printing certain selections or ranges, or defining margins or custom pages
  • Hiding, deleting or protecting active worksheets
  • Resizing charts
  • Protecting cells with formulas

What Are Macro Functions?

  • Save worksheets as a pdf, or other file formats
  • Copying and inserting cells, rows or columns into other worksheets or documents
  • Creating messages
  • Create, auto-update or refresh pivot tables
  • Manipulate chart data such as titles, pasting charts or changing the chart type
  • Convert formulas into values
  • Remove spacing or characters from a range of cells etc
  • Character changes such as lower case to upper case and vice versa

These are just a few of the massive amounts of automation a macro is capable of. The list really is endless, and this is where an experienced VBA consultant can come in and work with you to plan a strategy, implement it and really start to automate your business.

VBA Consultant Services

Once you have an idea of the problem that needs to be solved using Excel, you can expect to receive advice from a trusted VBA consultant expert who will be familiar with the type of solution required for your business.

We are not only a flexible consultant agency that specialises in Excel, but we have extensive knowledge to scale a project using excel skills that our team are proud to use.

From algorithms used in computer science to proactive problem solving, The Excel Experts can execute your project from start to finish to deliver, test and implement your project.

In fact, we have a perfect track record when it comes to VBA consulting for our clients. Our standards are set high op ensure your needs are met, whatever is needed to make your business a success.

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