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Why Use Excel and Unreal Engine for data Visualization?

  • Excel – Preparing the Data: Excel acts as your data hub. Easily export datasets, including spatial layouts, material specifications, and project timelines, in formats compatible with Unreal Engine, streamlining the transition from spreadsheet to 3D.

  • Unreal Engine – Real-Time Visualization and Iteration: Experience the magic of Unreal Engine’s real-time rendering. Any data that has a spacial dimension such as Architectural Visualisation or Geographical Data such as sales, come to life when it seamlessly propagates into a 3D model. A live link allows for rapid iteration and immediate visualization of your data.

  • Interactive Presentations and Walkthroughs:  We can create a virtual gallery or conference centre to showcase your presentations. Mix dynamic presentations with immersive walkthroughs, create experiences that captivate stakeholders and bring your insights to life.

“I’m absolutely delighted with my consultant’s work. He produced exactly what I wanted with maximum efficiency. I found him extremely knowledgeable and his expertise enabled him to rapidly grasp what I was looking to achieve.” – Martin. K

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“We’ve been struggling with the connection between cost data, programme and site activities as a business for a long time  and The Excel Experts bring significant skill and innovation to bear. Not just on the specific challenges, but in being keen to understand how other businesses operate, but on how different software platforms interact.

This is critical in the world of disruptive technologies because we don’t just need to innovate, we need to challenge the very way we are working in construction.”


Design Manager. Willmott Dixon Construction Ltd.

Willmott Dixon Construction Ltd. Project Summary / Brief:

WE have historically worked as ‘two departments’ in Main Contracting which have separated the find and win parts of the business from the delivery or execution parts. Therefore pricing or estimating is working from one set of documents, while delivery or execution from another based on real world conditions

The difficulty with this is that increasingly a large part of the project value is finally designed and executed by specialist designers and installer under the construction team during the contract.

This has a huge ongoing impact in terms of risk certainty in pricing and subsequently in delivery as the unknown or site based parts have to be included as contractual risk, and then can disproportionately effect final time and cost.

What needs to be developed is a feedback loop where real world site based 3D models work in conjunction with pricing and billing documents to interact with site activities, and report cost in a way which is compatible with Excel, the industry standard.

This will allow better forecasting, and also risk in execution by updating actual progress data captured through drones and other digital surveys to a progressive 3D ‘twin’ modelled in the real world location and context. which is linked to time cost and material tracking.

This strategy requires a host digital information in a dynamic 3D/4D software platform with flexibility for software plug-ins feeding back to cost control documents, ie. spreadsheets so that the flow of information is two way.


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