What is remote Excel support and how is it delivered?

Microsoft Excel is an integral part of many business, performing a range of important tasks and functions. From accountancy, to tracking workflow, to data analytics, Excel provides such valuable assistance that it’s keenly felt when something goes wrong. Having your own Excel consultant is a useful asset, but the longer you spend waiting for a visit, the more your company’s productivity is likely to take a hit. With remote Excel support, however, an Excel expert can resolve your issue without ever needing to set foot through your door.

How remote Excel support works

There are two main ways to make the most of remote Excel support. The most common is a voice or video call via Skype to discuss your issue. In many cases, the solution will be simple enough for an Excel consultant to let you know the advised course of action, which you can then instigate without further delay.

The second option is to set up a screen-sharing connection with an Excel support technician through a service such as TeamViewer. This means your consultant can watch your display as you work, and provide step-by-step help that you can follow, advising you as you go. If the issue is more complex, you can grant your specialist the permission to take control of your system, allowing them to remotely fix the issue first-hand without you even having to touch the keyboard.

Ongoing support packages

Utilising Microsoft Excel isn’t just about keeping your current set-up running smoothly. Excel is constantly being updated, and has more features and potential than many business owners may be aware of. With the help of an Excel consultant you’ll receive ongoing recommendations, tailored to your specific business.

Whether you want to create more detailed reports, track and analyse multiple data flows, or integrate Excel into other programmes, an excel consultant can help you optimise your current system. This doesn’t always require a physical visit, as complex spreadsheets can be built with remote access to your system. You can also arrange monthly, weekly, or even daily video conference calls to ensure ongoing support and recommendations going forward.

The benefits of remote Excel support

Due to the nature of remote Excel support, you can expect a resolution to a pressing issue in far less time that waiting for a call-out. Simply arrange a call or screen-share at your earliest convenience, saving your business both time and money.

Ongoing remote Excel support is built around convenience, allowing you to fit the service within your working schedule. Ease your weekly workload with advice and recommendations from a spreadsheet consultant, building a relationship with a network of support at your disposal. As well as improving your current Excel operations and your own Excel knowledge, an Excel consultant can help to train your employees to ensure your entire workforce can use Excel efficiently.

If you’re looking for ongoing support with Excel – either face-to-face or via remote support – be sure to get in touch with our professional team, here at The Excel Experts. We can offer expert consultants in all areas of business, to provide immediate solutions, guidance and training. With competitive pricing, alongside numerous endorsements from our many clients nationwide, we’re ready to help you use Excel in ways you’d never thought possible.

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