Become An Excel Expert: Who We’re Currently Looking For

Experts at Excel Power Tools – Power Pivot and Power Query.

We’re looking for high-quality business-minded Excel consultants, that want to help us attend local site visits, meeting our clients face to face –  around the Somerset, Bristol and London areas.

In return, we will send you challenging Excel projects that should push your skills to the limit at times.

We need people who are really good at Power Pivot and Query, who understand an Excel Data model, and who can use Excel to help our clients slice and dice their data.

When you’re not required on the client site, (most of the time you WON’T be on site) you will use skype/phone/’join me’ or TeamViewer amongst other platforms, as well as email, to liaise with the clients.

All our consultants are freelance and regularly charge between £30 – £60 per hour working remotely or on-site.

Only work the hours that you want to, be your own boss.

Caring For Our Customers

Customers: Our client relationship is VERY important to us, we want to MAKE them really happy and then KEEP them really happy! At ‘The Excel Experts’ we strive to provide the best possible customer care and satisfaction. We will only invoice once our clients are 100% satisfied with our work.

When they pay, you get paid. We provide top-quality after-sales service and support for as long as our clients require, and keep our promise to always respond to any questions or queries they have within 24 hours.

Caring for Our Consultants

Our Consultants: We will do the best we can to send you high quality leads for high-quality customers.

In most cases we have already had some dialogue with them, and will only pass on clients who have a genuine interest and ambition to achieve a quality outcome.

You choose your hours and availability, we ask only that if you make a commitment to a client – that you keep it.

For further information on how to join The Excel Experts please call Ben on 07811103682 or email ben@theexcelexperts.co.uk