Why the release of Megascans Trees (EA) is a big deal


4 days ago we saw Quixel release their new “Megascans Trees – European Black Alder (early Access)”  and this is why it is such a big deal.

When they released the asset, I must have been near the front of the queue, certainly I downloaded it immediately. This was a long awaited event and many in the 3d scene must have been holding their breath like me.  Download, add to my Landscape River project and swap one of my trees for one of the new Megascan trees and WOW! Five minutes and the scene has been totally taken up a level in reality.



Trees are so important, and I’m so glad that Quixel have gone the whole way and delivered a truly inspiring asset library for Unreal Engine. Personally, I don’t want to build scenes without trees. Watching the release video where the team discussed the project, I was inspired by their use of the word ‘hormone.’

The role of hormones in life is huge, no less so with their effects on trees. Trees are effected by their hormones, changing colour of leaves and the way they grow. So that is the exact level we need to take things, if we are going to build a truly immersive metaverse or digital twin.

The models themselves are lovely, I think just as importantly though, they’ve also given us the master materials and all the Blueprint code behind them. So there is now a standard library for rendering foliage in UE. Certainly I shall be merging my code into theirs and not necessarily the other way around.