Why would you ever use a maintenance page on your website?

There comes a time when change is so inevitable that whatever went before, however good or important it may have been, however essential it was.. it is now the past, and of no relevance.

We’ve been making changes to our website and our social media presence, so that we project the most honest and meaningful image of who we are and what we do.

We have a website full of great information about Excel, and we have taken it down and replaced it with this. One page, a fuzzy out of focus image, and a few words.

How can that be better than a whole website of information?

Because if you trust that we are The Excel Experts, we will then prove it to you. We’ll refund you 100% if we don’t give you what you want and need.

Honesty is essential for us. Only with honesty can YOU know if we are the right fit for you and for your business. We are trying to sell the most difficult thing, and that thing is trust. If you think you can trust us, then we can start to help you. Without trust you’ll never share your dreams or problems with us, and we’ll never succeed in our attempts to help you realise them.

Our old website was great, but now we are entering a new dawn of agencies and Excel. This simple image of honesty and friendliness says it all.