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Your Interests

The sheer range of areas that Excel can be used in are so diverse and varied, it would be impossible to cover them all on one web page! If your specialist area is missing, just contact us, and we will put you in touch with an Excel expert that will be able to help.

Excel For Business

We believe in Excel for Business, and here at ‘The Excel Experts’, we can help you to expand and configure Excel. Our clients often open with “can you make Excel do this?” and the answer is almost invariably “yes!” Read More

Excel For Science

Excel is often overlooked as a platform for science, because it is mistakenly assumed to lack the necessary power-but this is no longer true. We have proven the value of Excel within the science field many times over! Read More

Excel for Environmental Science

Excel contains a powerful library of functions that are of huge value in the environmental sciences. If necessary, we can expand this library by writing code in VBA and dot NET too! Read More

Excel 2 Web

We can convert your spreadsheet or workbook into a fully-functional web app with Excel-2-Web! Make your application fully accessible from any mobile or desktop device, without compromising the security of your data. Read More

General Excel Services

If you need help with any element of Excel, from the most basic functions to the most complex, just ask! Whilst this section lists some of the most popular Excel services requested by our customers, there is also a lot more that we can offer too. Read More

Excel Accounting

It is vitally important for any business to monitor its cashflow and to keep track of, and report on, activities that affect the financial status of the business. Excel accounting can help! Read More

Understanding Excel

For the uninitiated, understanding Excel and what it can do for you can be a challenge. Part of the reason for this is simply because Excel can do so much. We have outlined some of the most popular uses of Excel on this page, and add to it over time to help to illustrate the full range of Excel’s potential. If you need help understanding Excel, just let us know! Read More

Corporate Excel

Corporate Excel is great way of analysing and visualizing corporate data, to provide real-time, high value corporate intelligence. Read More

Excel's Limits & Limitations

The 64-bit version of Excel has no hard limit on the amount of RAM it can use, whereas the 32-bit version is limited to 2 gigabytes. Read More